I am an international designer and traveler by heart with passion and zest for life.  I have lived, worked and travelled around the world and have a true passion for exploring different cultures; getting deeply connected to local cultures while seeking authenticity and uniqueness in each destination is my goal.

For the past 20+ years, I have been designing hotels and resorts for the most distinguished hotel brands around the world as well as created new hotel lifestyle brands.  I have been extremely fortunate to travel large parts of the world for both work and leisure.  Creativity, boldness, luxury and style, coupled with a passion for evocative design, remain descriptors of my design philosophy.

People describe me as a perennial globetrotter with a knack of finding the heart and soul of a destination via its back streets and roads less travelled, coupled with a burning desire to discover the best of local design, art, design and fashion at each destination. I am equally comfortable in luxury hotels and resorts, boutique and lifestyle hotels.

I am passionate about design, writing and photography and have the blogging chops to bring it to life in words and pictures. I am particularly fascinated by the interior monologue of great buildings, and interior design as choreography; while seeking great inspiration in nature and local culture.



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